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' Quit looking so worried, General, we'll take care of this thing for you.'

President Eisenhower recalling his conversation with a paratrooper about to emplane on the evening before D Day.




Extending your sky tour of the Normandy Liberation Coast allows you to see much more than during a single day, however well planned. Spreading your tour over three or more days with overnights in France also allows a far more ambitious aerial tour. We alter the flight plans and follow the route taken by the US 82 and 101 Airborne Divisions on the night of D Day. We fly over the American drop zones first before dropping down and flying along Utah Beach, Pointe du Hoc and Omaha Beach.

After continuing along the coast and the British Beaches, circling the famous Pegasus Bridge and Merville Battery and the British Drop Zones, we turn inland. This leg of your flying tour shows you the battlefields where the break-out from Normandy took place. Hitler's armies suffered three great defeats before their ultimate destruction became certain - Stalingrad, Tunisia and Normandy. We show you the villages and ridges that became known as Falaise Gap, all household words during summer 1944, while explaining what happened and why. Afterwards we land in France and begin the ground tour.

The Orne bridges - Pegasus Bridge on the right - captured by glider attack during the early hours of D Day.


The costs of touring over five days and staying four overnights in Normandy are much less than you might imagine and a bargain compared with staying in Central London for the same number of days and nights. A family of four can stay in a top class hotel in Normandy with hearty breakfast and delicious dinner included for the basic price of a double room in a London top hotel. No morning coffee at 25 a pot either!

A party of eight can spend six days and five nights touring Normandy from the air and on the ground, all included, for about 400 per person each day. This covers everything, door-to-door; pick up in Central London, cross Channel flight and aerial tour of the landing grounds and beaches, six days of touring the D Day sites and famous places across Normandy, guide and comfortable car in France, your hotel and meals, return flight including another aerial tour, and finally the car back to your Central London hotel or the airport for your long distance flight home.

Because you are spending a few days with us, we can offer both aircraft flights and the touring in Normandy at a discount price.

We have been staying at the local hotels for many years and know them well. All are very comfortable and very reasonably priced with excellent food and wine. The Normans know how to live well on a sane budget and enjoy life.

Normally we make provisional reservations at the hotel in France and then ask our clients to confirm directly with the hotel. This avoids our having to ask for a deposit. We can tell you how much to allow for your room, dinner and breakfast. We find that clients prefer to keep control of their own hotel bills. If you would like us to help confirm your hotel reservations, we will do so with pleasure, but all the hotels we recommend have reservations staff who speak and write English, so no communication problems. A deposit for your rooms is customary in France. Your sky guide stays in the same hotel and will help with French conversations.

The amounts to allow for room, breakfast and dinner are included in the 400 a day per head calculation mentioned above -and based on the present rates of exchange for the dollar, pound and euro.

We can store luggage at Fairoaks. Which allows you to spend part of your holiday in London but check out of your London hotel and travel lighter during a few further days in France on the tail-end of your holiday in Europe. We can time the return flight to Fairoaks so it links with your flight back to North America. We deliver you with all luggage to London Airport - about 30 minutes drive from Fairoaks. 

We challenge anyone to stay in a Central London hotel for a week and keep their family entertained and fed half as well for the same money!


Our very capable French colleague, Vanessa Letourneur, is a national guide and speaks fluent English. Vanessa studied tourism at the University of Angers and languages at the University of Caen. She grew up a mile from Gold Beach and Juno Beach. She has worked at two of the official museums and knows all the famous sites along the Liberation Coast. Vanessa's an expert guide for the whole of Normandy and runs her own tours - Normandy Panorama. Have a look at Vanessa's website:

Not only do we have much more time to fully explore the D Day story and the crucial Battle of Normandy; but we can show you Mont Saint Michel, probably the most photographed small island on the planet. Vanessa can show you the abbey and a renowned fish restaurant. Bayeux is the smallest city in France and famous for its 1,000 year old tapestry depicting the story of Duke William's invasion of England in 1066. We'll show you Caen and Falaise with abbeys and castles, pretty seaside towns and ports, glorious countryside and Monet's garden, introduce you to the famed beef and seafood, butters and cheeses, ciders and calvados grown and brewed in Normandy. 

 Some families/groups of friends wish to travel by ferry as well as by aircraft and we can arrange this providing you give us enough notice - we have control over booking our aircraft but not the ferries which become quite busy in summer! The same goes for the Channel Tunnel. We are always happy to provide quotes. When you compare our quote with the price of hotel rooms in Central London during summer and then add on the cost of eating out - just once a day, properly - we offer a bargain.

Visiting Normandy with our sky tour is one of those trips of a lifetime. Lots of photos below and a link to much more about overnight stays and the treasure chest of surprises that Normandy - one of the most beautiful parts of France - has in store for visitors.


Flying with style


 The Longest Day - Overlord and Normandy Tour


The town square at Saint Mere Eglise and the Pointe du Hoc


Omaha Beach, surviving caissons of the Mulberry Harbour and the mouth of the River Orne.

Merville Battery and Pegasus Bridge - the original bridge is the one displayed in the museum grounds.

 Pegasus Bridge and the River Orne Bridge captured by British glider troops on the night of D Day. There is an excellent new museum and the famous Pegasus Cafe - the first house liberated in Europe and still owned by the same family.

For groups staying two or more nights in France we can head for the eastern beaches and see where the British and Canadians waded ashore, the drop zones and landing grounds.  


Airborne Museum at Saint Mere Eglise

Utah Beach - all around lies debris from Hitler's Atlantic Wall.

On the cliffs at the big gun battery at Longues-sur-Mer there are superb views of the remaining caissons of the Mulberry Harbour off Arromanches - and along the coast towards Cherbourg Peninsular giving an idea of the scale of the D Day landings through the unforgettable panorama. 

Colleville-sur-Mer American Cemetery.


One of the draws leading down to Omaha beach where old pill boxes still menace the shore.


Lunch at a very welcoming restaurant with very good food. The Pointe du Hoc where the Rangers climbed the cliffs and captured a vital heavy gun battery.

Bayeux Cathedral and the River Aure flowing through the city centre.

The Bayeux Tapestry depicting William the Conqueror's invasion and victory in 1066. The 70 metre long tapestry is now nearly 1000 years old. 


General Eisenhower's bronze and the Churchill Hotel and the Hotel Lion d'Or.

France's smallest city.

 Claude Monet's garden at Giverny.

Click the garden for much more about overnight stays in Normandy.


For an idea of the cost for a group please feel welcome to email :


The other half of the 1066 story.

For more ideas about taking time with overnights in Normandy click here

For our D Day virtual tour click here.




We can now combine our Normandy Tours with a further day in Cambridge.

Churchill College is home to the Archives of Sir Winston Churchill and Baroness Margaret Thatcher. We can make an appointment for you to have a tour, guided by one of the senior staff who will show you the actual archives - normally researchers work from micro-film - these include all Sir Winston's famous speeches with his own last minute edits. We would also have a walk around the charming old university city of Cambridge. 

Not far from the college is Madingley American Cemetery and only a few miles south is the magnificent collection of aircraft - from SE5s to the ultrasonic Blackbird - at the Imperial War Museum Duxford.   

The journey is made by road but the Mayfair Dove is available if any party would like to see - from the air - the legendary flat fields of Eastern England, once home to the 8th USAAF. Many old airfields are clearly visible.

This offers something rather special as a third day for visitors going to Normandy. There is no need to make the trips back-to-back. You can visit Cambridge before or after your two days in Normandy. However, we do need to give enough advance warning to the senior staff at the Archives, whose diaries fill rather fast.

Below is a photo link to more about the college.


Also worth browsing - Stop Press and Before Take Off Briefing Operation Overlord

Twelve o' Clock High and Our Finest Hour

We also offer a two day and overnight tour of Switzerland's fairy tale capital with a dream flight alongside the Swiss Alps.

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You can make enquiries and arrange a trip by e-mail, fax or telephone to our representative Air & Marine Travel Limited of Brewster, New York or to our UK Operations Desk.

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