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' Highly original and quite out of the ordinary. If you're looking for something rather special, you've just found it.'  Terry Spence, Presenter of the Travel Programme on 1070 FM, Victoria, British Colombia.






' Every man has two countries....his own and France.'

Henri de Bornier


 Ready for take off....in safe hands.

Bill Pritchard and Dave Frost, former British Airways jumbo jet training captains, own pilot's log books showing five years in the sky at the controls of big airliners. 



Our Normandy air tour brings the D Day landing grounds and beaches within a day trip from hotels in Central London. That's the second money saving advice - there's a lot of life beyond Central London.

Previously tours to Normandy required at least 3 to 4 days. Many families fly over to Normandy and the Channel Islands by private plane; what sets apart British Sky Tours is the spectacular aerial tour and the deeper understanding this gives our visitors.

London tour operators and West End hotels are notoriously costly. Why not spend a few days in Normandy? Your dollar goes a lot further.

Apart from you enjoying a good holiday, our tandem purpose at British Sky Tours is to make travel and history fun, thereby helping all generations though especially the young to understand the past, how sometimes humanity's fate hangs in the balance. And how nothing is impossible - no matter how fearsome the odds - when good friends stick together. 

We've added new background about the planning of D Day code-named Operation Overlord.  


Why not combine a few days in London or Paris with one of our tours?

Bayeux Cathedral


Utah Beach



' Their finest hour ' explores how, after catastrophe in France and evacuation of the British Army from the Dunkirk beaches, Winston Churchill dealt with invasion from the sky and threatened invasion from the sea throughout the summer of 1940. There are still many signs of just how serious was the latter danger; tank traps, pill boxes and other defences, overgrown with weeds, squat across the countryside of Kent and Sussex. Old trenches remain in Adrian Hill's garden near the battlefield of Hastings where in the year 1066, William of Normandy - last successful invader - beat Harold of England.

Where England began - Battle Abbey in Sussex. Have a look at our ' 1066 Country ' tour.

Something special - Sir Winston Churchill's and Baroness Margaret Thatcher's Archives at Churchill College in Cambridge. Why not combine a Normandy Tour with a further day in Cambridge.

' Twelve o'clock High ' explores the old airfields across Eastern England that became home to the USAAF and later the USAF for more than 60 years. At its height the 8th Air Force made 5000 flights a day from more than 100 airfields and on an average day the RAF and USAAF each had 2000 bombers operational for raids over Europe. Numbers became far less important during the Cold War but the hitting power of both air forces grew astronomical.

The tour shows you some of these legendary airfields from the sky before you land at airfields which remain active today. There's no better way of savouring the atmosphere while enjoying some of this island's most beautiful countryside - made famous by the nineteenth century painter William Constable and known to this day as Constable Country.

Mont Saint Michel survives tide heights rivalling the Bay of Fundy.



A slightly longer route for the flying tour over the Normandy invasion beaches and landing grounds continues south-westward, circles Mont Saint Michel, before landing at Dinard across the harbour mouth from Saint Malo. The flight is followed by lunch at northern France’s most renowned fish restaurant. Afterwards we fly you home.

Another tour flies over the D Day landing grounds and invasion shore before you land at the seaside resort of Deauville, famous for its racecourse and golf links. You make a short road trip for lunch in the pretty town of Honfleur for lunch. Afterwards we fly you home.


We have designed a version of the Overlord Tour for Canadian visitors - this includes a flight over the landing beaches at Dieppe on the way to Normandy and a ground tour which concentrates on the Canadian assault onto Juno Beach. We can arrange tours which see Dieppe from the air before touring on the ground. This tour fits together neatly with an overnight in Normandy. Adding a further overnight allows us not only to fly on to the D Day coast, but makes a great tour with the second part exploring the D Day landing grounds and beaches with emphasis on 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion and Juno Beach.


A charming tour hops across the Channel to see Crecy and Agincourt where the English long-bowmen defeated French armies four or five times stronger in the days of the Black Prince and Henry V. This tour includes Dieppe and lunch in this rather beautiful yet largely unknown part of France. The outward and return flights pass over famous places on both sides of the Dover Strait.


Have a look at the Swiss Alps Tour – throughout all the seasons the Diamond Peaks of the Bernese Oberland and the more southern, Big Four promise stunning photos. The great barrier of the Rockies has grandeur while the high Alps are spectacular.

Our warm and welcoming old Swiss inn – which Adrian has been visiting for over thirty years - has been superbly refurbished without losing any of its charm and the cuisine tastes better than ever. How do we know? Yet again we’ve just checked! As ever, the roesti is mouth-watering.

We plan to offer new battlefield tours in Switzerland. During the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries the Swiss became the most feared soldiers on the Continent and the young Confederation's struggle for survival began with a war against its western neighbour, Burgundy. The battlefields are close to Bern in some of the most beautiful and pastoral countryside in Switzerland. Three large lakes among rolling hills ensure that one is never without a spectacular view of almost the entire range of the nearby Alps.       


 Synergy Aviation have a new eight seat, luxurious aircraft, ideal for our sky tours with its wide speed range - allowing us to circle more slowly combined with superb vision for taking photographs. The aircraft is perfect for a family group, also special events such as birthdays – we’ve become expert at those surprise trimmings – and company outings.

All our larger aircraft allow us to offer you shorter trips around Britain at prices which are very competitive, not much more than you pay to hire a car and guide for a similar tour on the ground.

Courtesy of Brittan-Norman Aircraft Company

Aerial sightseeing combined with history is a great way to discover how many lessons from the past apply to the present day.

We pitch the tour to match the age and interests of our overseas visitors. Invariably our tours evolve into a rather stimulating conversation as we see famous places from the air and our discussion simply carries on when we explore those same places on the ground.

There are few better ways of adding depth to your history. And it's fun.

You can make enquiries and book all our tours - air, Chunnel/ferry and road - through ourselves in Sedlescombe, East Sussex, UK and through our agent, Barry Hyatt CTC of Air & Marine Travel in Brewster, New York, USA.

You are very welcome to email post@britishskytours.com or airmartrav@suscom.net for more information.


                     All our tours with overnight stays are offered by Channel Tunnel, ferry and road.

We are developing more Continental tours.

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