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Today the Normandy Beaches are popular for pleasantly refreshing sea foaming onto endless sands ideal for small children.

Sometimes we've managed to fit in a swim during a day tour - once the afternoon reached 100F and the cool sea beckoned. This is one of your treats when spending a few days touring Normandy.




Our very capable French colleague, Vanessa Letourneur, is a national guide and speaks fluent English. Vanessa studied tourism at the University of Angers and languages at the University of Caen. She grew up a mile from Gold Beach and Juno Beach. She has worked at two of the official museums and knows all the famous sites along the Liberation Coast. Vanessa's an expert guide for the whole of Normandy and runs her own tours - Normandy Panorama. Have a look at Vanessa's website:


                        Apples ripening for cider and calvados


The people of Normandy are very friendly and proud that the liberation of Europe began in their front yard. Although they paid a heavy price for their own liberation. Normandy became a battlefield over several weeks, old cities and villages destroyed by Allied bombing. Normandy has long been restored but scars remain to this day.

The locals are descended from Vikings - mostly Danes - who settled around the mouth of the River Seine over 1000 years past and gradually took over what is now known as Normandy. The name comes from the Scandinavian word 'Nordman' otherwise Northman.

Within three generations they learned how to build in the local honey stone and eventually took this skill to England. Canterbury Cathedral and the White Tower at the heart of the Tower of London are built from stone quarried around the city of Caen - one of the D Day objectives.


An eighteenth century gem, the small city of Bayeux is home to the world famous tapestry almost 1000 years old and depicting William Duke of Normandy's victory over King Harold of England at Hastings in 1066.

There are fine shops and an astonishing number of restaurants and bars along the charming main street plus a traditional street market during summer.


Normandy is famous for its dairy and fruit farmers


We have storage space for luggage at the airfield. We can deliver you to Gatwick and Heathrow airports within 30 and 60 minutes. And we can work around your trans-oceanic flight times.

We gladly arrange hotel accommodation in France and we have sound knowledge of where to stay.

Let's suppose that you decide to fly as a group of eight and spend five nights in Normandy. Our quote covers - all road travel in England, cross-Channel flight and flying tour of the landing grounds and invasion beaches, road touring in Normandy from the D Day sites to Mont Saint Michel, all museum tickets, all meals away from the hotel, your guides in the sky and on the ground, your flight home and delivery to a London Airport or West End hotel. We can also fly you to destinations on the Continent.

Compare our quote with the room rates and cost of meals when staying the same number of days and nights in Central London - before you dine on pizza to feed the family at reasonable prices!


You can make enquiries and arrange a trip by e-mail, fax or telephone.


Camembert dip and les moules

Cote du beouf with a glass of fizzy apple or pear cider!

A few days touring in Normandy for a group/family costs more than our flying day tour though no more than staying in Central London for the same number of nights. The major cost in a flying tour is the aircraft. However, we have a very good arrangement whereby we can enjoy the flying tour over the landing grounds and invasion beaches, land in France and make a longer ground tour - the aircraft returns to pick us up a few days later. We can also vary the airfields where we land and start your tour with Mont Saint Michel or D Day beaches.

The best local hotels are very comfortable with delicious food, good wine and excellent staff. These hotels offer amazing bargains compared with prices in Central London. Take a look at the room rates in any top hotel in Central London! And because you're spending more than a day in our hands we give you special rates for the aircraft and touring.

Why not give yourself time to see many places that are just that little bit too far during a single day tour.

Treat your family to a trip of a lifetime with a few days in Normandy, rather than giving yourself the hotel bill of a lifetime by staying longer in Central London.

 Chateau de Falaise - birthplace of William the Conqueror


Pear Blossom



Honfleur with its charming inner harbour - Caen Chateau and the Abbey des Hommes with the tomb of William the Conqueror.

                       During 2004 the French authorities, both the central and local governments, put a great deal of effort into improving the museums, facilities and roads along the whole Liberation Coast. Wonderful modern museums exist - from the Pegasus Bridge all along the invasion coast to Saint Mere Eglise. The superb American Visitor Center opened above Omaha Beach during 2007. There's plenty to see during several days. We have time to walk the ground where individual actions secured overall success on D Day and delve into the mistakes made by both sides and the lessons for today.


                                       Sid Riley showing granddaughter Lauren the dunes from where he exited Gold Beach after landing with the first wave on D Day

                                                 Our parties of visitors number families, groups of friends, company staff, adults and children, all ages.


                                                                                       The old town of Falaise beside the River Ante

                                                              Falaise Gap

After your tour we fly wherever you wish in France or back across the Channel. You arrive back at your London airport or hotel doorstep about two-and-a-half hours after leaving France. These extended tours make possible a close-up of both the modern and earlier invasions in both directions. Our French colleagues are able to offer some quite excellent additional trips for those who would like to learn more about this fascinating and very lovely part of France.

We can also meet you in France.

                     Mont Saint Michel

All our tours with overnight stays are offered by Chunnel, ferry and plane.  We have a very comfortable bus with lots of luggage space for tours by ferry and road which start in Britain. The high speed ferry link has been restored between Portsmouth and Cherbourg although we recommend returning via Calais and visiting Dieppe, Crecy and Agincourt along the way.

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